GoDaddy SiteLock Website Security: Is It Worth the Commitment?

Website security is one of the foremost issues many small businesses face on a day-to-day basis. There are two companies that have partnered together to create stronger website security for both business owners and browsers alike. These two companies that have collaborated to bring safer security measures are SiteLock and GoDaddy. However, with so many options on the market, “Is this service worth venturing into?”

Peace of Mind

As aforementioned, there are several ways to keep your website safe. What you did not expect however, is the sleekness of this type of website security. It gives not only business owners peace of mind but if helps every visitor of your website.

The GoDaddy SiteLock website security platform gives browsers a safer web-browsing experience. Through real-time scanning technology, it detects several viscous vulnerabilities such as malware. This gives customers, visitors and website owners more confidence of a website that uses Sitelock combined with Godaddy!

Save Money and Time

The confidence that can be gained from a safe browsing experience is priceless. Yet, what many small business owners can gain from using this service is immense. That is because of the money and time that can be saved by using this service. The SiteLock & GoDaddy collaboration helps with correction-automation technology.

This type of technology can correct many problems eliminating any software that is harmful. Data reports are emailed to website owners with full information of any corrections that may have been made.

When a site is running smoothly at all times this creates a better user experience. Better user experiences involves protecting both the customer and site owner. The money and time that customers save and site owners as well, through real-time scanning creates better productivity. Don’t forget about the great deals that go daddy allows and be sure to use one of this great godaddy Promo!

Complete Security

The SiteLock & GoDaddy partnership creates full security measures for the entire website that each owner creates. Vulnerabilities, malware and more that are used by website attackers are quickly found through the latest technologies. What is astonishing about this is the combination of tests that a site must go through to become totally secure.

Each website must pass several vigorous tests with full security scanning. The scan is able to find several things. They include any SQL injections, spam and cross-site-scripts. After the websites has proven to be fully secure, it receives a stamp of approval.

Customers and web-browsers will be able to see a seal of trust on the site’s webpages upon approval of SiteLock. Knowing that a website is safe is truly worth the commitment. The partnership between the two companies helps to ensure the safest experience online. For small to mid-size business owners, this is a very valuable tool to use.