Manor Village Assisted Living for You

There are several advantages of moving into an assisted living home like the Manor Village in Scottsdale, AZ.


The first advantage is the location of the assisted living home. It is located close to the two hospitals in Scottsdale, AZ. It has easy access to all of the freeways that are surrounding the home. There are a lot of upscale dining and shopping venues near the assisted living home. There are a variety of cultural attractions inside of the city. The best thing is that nearby, you are going to be able to find state of the art medical and rehabilitation facilities.

Fitness Programs

When a person is living inside of the assisted living home, they will have the opportunity to be involved in fitness program or have a trained fitness expert to help them with their exercises. One of the classes is going to be a yoga class. The trained expert will be able to help with strength training. There is a class just for a person who needs to stretch out their muscles. Most of the time, the older people at the assisted living home is going to enjoy the water aerobics because it is good for arthritis.

Extra Amenities

There are some additional amenities that a person living inside of the assisted living home is going to be able to receive at an affordable price. The first amenity is a beauty or barber salon where you are also going to be able to get your nails done. The second amenity is catering services that are available for guests and special family occasions. The third additional amenity is a covered parking area to make sure that the visitors don’t get wet when it is raining outside. The fourth additional amenity is a convenient store inside of the home.


There is also a health and wellness plan that a lot of the residents of the assisted living home are going to be able to benefit from. The first service of the plan is a regular wellness clinic. The second service is going to be a clinic that is just for residents who need the flu shot. The third service is physician that is going to be visiting the home on a regular basis. The fourth service is guest speakers who are going to talk about variety of different topics from the health and wellness of the residents.


The residents of the luxury retirement community Scottsdale are going to have some options of their wellness plan. The first option is assistance with getting a bath. The second option is assistance is taking their medication. The third option is assistance with dressing and grooming themselves. The fourth option is a daily assurance visit. The fifth option is assistance with the activities that a person is going to do on a daily basis. The sixth option is a reminder to stay hydrated. The seventh option is services for rides back and forth to run some of the errands that a person might need.