Support Services

The best part of the health and wellness plan is the support services that a person is going to be able to get. The first support service is a 24 hour emergency call and response system. The second support service is guest speakers that are going to come on a regular basis to talk about the different health and wellness programs. The third support services is the trained professionals that are going to provide the residents with yoga, strength, balance, and yoga classes. The last support service is a nursing staff that is always going to be on-site.

Maintenance and Security Systems

The first one of the these systems is the landscaping and planting of flowers and window cleaning. The second one is the maintenance of the interior corridors and all of the common areas. The third one is the security system at the front door. The fourth one is a smoke detector and sprinkler system that is throughout the common areas and assisted living home.

Resident and Family Services

The first one of the resident services is that they are going to confirm all of contact information of the family members like your phone, address, and email address. The second one is that the family is going to be able to send out any comments or feedback to the assisted living home. The third one is that the family will be able to view their monthly payer statements. The fourth one is that they will be able to see their current balance. The fifth one is that they are going to be able to make one time or reoccurring payments. The sixth one is that they are going to be able to make payments online for rent securely by using a major credit or debit cards.

Employee Team

There are a variety of different employees that are going to work for the assisted living home. There is a wellness staff always here that is going to include LPN’s and caregivers. A coordinator that will be coming up with a variety of activities for the residents to do. A team for making sure that the housekeeping is always done. There is a team in the kitchen that is going to include a chef. There is a director of the wellness program. There is a receptionist at the front desk to answer all of your questions.

Choose a retirement community like the Manor Village and enjoy its varied support services.